Amicable resolutions for divorced families

The Law Office of Denise S. Esserman, LLC, is a family law firm in Brunswick, Georgia. Ms. Esserman is the firm’s sole attorney, and her number one goal with her practice is to help clients reach amicable resolutions for difficult family problems.

Her practice includes several areas of family law:

Ms. Esserman is certified by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution as a mediator with a special emphasis in family law. She routinely acts as a neutral third-party mediator for couples negotiating divorce settlements through mediation sessions.

An ethical advocate

Ethical legal advocacy forms the backbone of Ms. Esserman’s legal services. Family law can be an emotionally driven endeavor in which it is easy to lose sight of resolving the pertinent legal issues at hand. Ms. Esserman feels very strongly about keeping her clients’ attention focused on matters of law.

She adheres to high standards of professionalism because she is driven to give her clients the best possible counsel. Even after 15 years in practice, she still resolutely believes that family law issues can be resolved without emotional casualty.

After a divorce, parents must still be capable of communicating with each other in order to uphold the best interests of the children involved. For that reason, preserving parent-child and parent-parent relationships is very important to Ms. Esserman.

Contact the firm to discuss your family law needs with Ms. Esserman. She can help you pursue a legal resolution amicably, aiming for a post-divorce life free from the bitterness of drawn-out legal battles.

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The Law Office of Denise S. Esserman, LLC represents clients in Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, Wayne, and Brantley counties in Georgia.

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Denise S. Esserman
Attorney at Law and Mediator
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The Law Office of Denise S. Esserman represents clients in Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, Wayne, and Brantley counties in Georgia.