Focusing on the best interest of the child

The Law Office of Denise S. Esserman, LLC works with clients in custody matters arising from divorce or other actions to ensure they obtain a legal resolution that reflects the best interests of the minor children.  

Ms. Esserman feels very strongly about encouraging her clients to remain focused on the needs of their children. Not only is the best interests of the child the legal standard in Georgia, this approach can help expedite the divorce or other custodial processes and helps clear the way for positive communication between parents.

She often reminds clients that they will not always be spouses, but they will always be parents.

Child support

Most people find that shared parenting is more economical than single parenting, and therefore, the financial obligations of a custody or paternity order can require some accommodation.

Prepare yourself by thinking about all of your children's financial needs:

  • The basics: food, clothing & shelter
  • Education: private schools, college tuition, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities: piano lessons, tutoring, summer camp, etc.
  • Medical care and insurance
  • Day care and babysitting

Visit the Georgia Child Support Calculator to learn more about how the courts in Georgia calculates child-support obligations for non-custodial parents.

Contact Ms. Esserman to discuss your child support concerns.

Child custody

Child custody issues are often one of the most emotionally challenging components of a divorce. Many big life changes are occurring, and it may require considerable thought and attention to know what is best for your children when the family dynamic is in flux.

Ms. Esserman assists clients in developing a parenting plan that looks to the children’s best interests. Years of working with divorcing or transitioning families gives her insight into what customizations can help people move forward on a stable path.

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The Law Office of Denise S. Esserman, LLC represents clients in Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, Wayne, and Brantley counties in Georgia.

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The Law Office of Denise S. Esserman represents clients in Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, Wayne, and Brantley counties in Georgia.